Payment Privacy?

No records of customer debit or credit card information is kept on file. All transactions are made through Shopify and third parties such as PayPal.


Where's my tracking number?

You will receive an email from USPS.com. They provide live tracking information on all orders.


Can anyone see the contents of my shipment?

The package contents are always concealed in an opaque envelope or box, therefore maintaining discretion and customer privacy.


Where is your sea moss sourced from?

Currently, our sea moss is sourced from Vietnam, but we also sell sea moss from Jamaica, The Philippines, Malaysia, Barbados, and Indonesia. 


In the first week of August we will be offering completely dried Jamaican sea moss for sale.


How is the sea moss cultivated?

Our sea moss is ocean grown. In its natural environment, it is able to grow healthily. This allows our customers to reap the full benefits of the nutrient and vitamins provided by its habitat. 


Is the sea moss dry or moist?

Our top selling sea moss is moist, however we do offer dry sea moss as an option. The price varies due to its condensed condition and how much it swells during use.





Your order is typically shipped out within 1-2 days. 

Primarily, we use USPS priority mail for almost every shipment. USPS guarantees 3 business day shipping which means you should receive your package within 5 days after you have placed your order. Deliveries above 25 lbs may take 3-4 days for shipment. 

We primarily offer free shipping on orders that are 1 lb. However to ensure our customers the convenience of free delivery and 1st class tracking, the contents of the package weigh just under 1 lb, so that it may weigh properly when being sent to you.


Do you process international orders?

Normally we process orders from the UK and Canada. Due to the distance of location, we ask our customers who are international to pay for the cost of shipment and hold the courier service liable for receiving your package. If you are in another country please call to inquire as to whether or not we ship to your location. Thank you. 


Do you provide bulk or wholesale services?

 Yes. We provide both. For bulk services we will send you your required amount in large sealed bags. For wholesale pricing, our minimum order is 10 lbs. We provide 1 lb bag packaging with labels. For any further questions or details please contact us at the information provided on the site. ( put email here)


Is it safe to use sea moss with other medications or treatment?

Yes. Sea moss can be used regularly with medication. It is a natural plant that does not contain any preservatives or harsh chemicals to maintain its freshness or livelihood.  Its vast vitamin and mineral content assists in combating the side effects of medications and treatment by replenishing the body, combating headaches, colds, pains, drowsiness, loss of energy and many other symptoms experienced when taking medications and radiation therapy.


How long can I store sea moss before it has expired?

In its dry and unprocessed state, sea moss has a shelf life of up to 12 – 18 months, when stored in a cool dry place.

After it has been made into a gel, it has a fridge life of up to 6 weeks. However, we recommend that our customers use their gel within 4 weeks time.