How to Make Sea Moss Gel ?

How To Make Sea Moss Gel ?

  • By Love For Prezident

Sea Moss, Irish Sea Moss



Step 1.Select the desired amount of sea moss you want to prepare. Consider that the amount you decide to use will almost double.

Step 2.Rinse sea moss thoroughly with coldwater to get rid of sand particles.

Step 3. After the sea moss has been cleaned, soak in a bowl of coldwater overnightor for 6-8 hours. This duration of time allows the sea moss to fully grow and swell.  A small amount of lemon or lime juice can also be added to the sea moss while it is soaking to help clean it and reduce the ocean taste.

Step 4. Once the sea moss has doubled, rinse again to ensure that all sand and residue is absent.

Step 5.Place your sea moss in a pot with water. The water should almost be the same height as the sea moss.

Step 6.Bring sea moss to a boil and then turn to a medium low fire.

Step 7.Be sure to monitor sea moss every few minutes and stir occasionally to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of your pot. As you continue to stir the sea moss, it will begin to break down into a gel consistency.

Step 8.Once the sea moss has broken down, turn off your fire and let it stand by to cool.

Step 9.When the sea moss has finally cooled, blend for a smoother consistency and store in a tightly sealed container in the fridge. Store for 2-3 weeks. For longer storage time, freeze for a few months.

Step 10.Use desired amount in any beverage of your choice as a daily nutritious additive. Enjoy!